Kent health talk: Balancing Hormones Naturally

Balancing hormones naturally flyer

Balancing hormones naturally 

Hormonal balance is key to the health of body and mind. Our menstrual hormones have widespread effects on our bone health, mental health and mood, skin, energy levels, weight, sleep and of course on our menstrual cycle itself, where imbalances can cause skin eruptions, PMS, painful periods, irregular menstruation, heavy bleeding, headaches, fatigue, breast tenderness and weight gain.

Our menstrual hormones and the cycle itself are easily affected by diet, lifestyle, environment and stress, which can all have a huge impact on our hormones and cause problems to arise leading to wide ranging health problems. 

In this talk I will look at how to balance hormones naturally through herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle. You will learn about the action of hormones and how stress, diet and lifestyle factors can lead to hormonal imbalance. You will leave armed with knowledge of how to address these imbalances with the power of natural medicine and dramatically improve your health. 

Wednesday 4th November 2015, 7-8:30pm
Concorde House Clinic, Canterbury, 26a Stour Street, Kent

For bookings please call 01227 788 868 or 07796 132989
or email

If you know any friends of family who might be interested to come along please share this page with them. Thanks! 

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